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People have some pretty funny ways of differentiating the front office from the back office. For some, it is as simple as the front office makes the money while the back office makes sure everything is in order. Others compare the two to a sports team made up of front-office star players and back-office journeymen players — the journeymen do the work that allows the stars to shine.

At RIA Registrar, we are OK with being the supporting players, making it possible for our clients to make names for themselves. We work quietly in the background, while making sure everything is in order for you and your firm to shine.

We take the time to share our knowledge with our clients so that they have the best registration support, training, and compliance service possible. With our help, the entire process of setting up a firm and properly maintaining it is a little less overwhelming.

RIA Registrar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to you garnered from years of experience working in RIA compliance. We come from various business backgrounds, such as law firm administration, financial planning, licensing, insurance, investments and regulatory fields. We are all devoted to making the registration process and compliance requirements as smooth as possible.

Meet our dedicated team.

Sheri Mushel


Sheri Mushel has registered more than 700 RIA firms in her 20-plus years of growing and operating successful businesses.

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Amy Coulter

Operations Manager

After a successful stint in organization and operations of a law firm, Amy Coulter joined RIA Registrar in 2011.

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Jane Skogstrom

Operations Coordinator

After joining Gradient Financial Group in 2012, Jane Skogstrom's administrative skills led her to RIA Registrar in 2016.

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Heather Simmons

Director of Compliance

Heather Simmons started in the securities industry in 1998 and holds her series 6, 7, 24 and 63 FINRA registrations.

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Debbie Bluhm

Director of Compliance

Having worked in the securities industry since 1994, Debbie Bluhm holds series 7, 24, 63 and 65 FINRA registrations.

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Linnea Rounds

Director of Compliance

With experience both as a financial advisor and supervising advisors, Linnea Rounds has seen a little bit of everything.

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Maria Russell

Director of Compliance

Maria Russell joined RIA Registrar after gaining valuable experience in the compliance department at a large broker-dealer.

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Sr. Vice President

With more than 30 years in the financial services industry, Rob Sipe prides himself on recognizing what's coming next.

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Mike Jechorek

Vice President of Marketing

Mike Jechorek has over 25 years' experience in sales and marketing in several industries. Financial services is his best yet.

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Walter Costenbader

Compliance Consultant

Walter Costenbader's experience in compliance and business management includes multiple executive roles with broker-dealers.

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