Sheri Mushel


Sheri Mushel has been a key player in growing and operating successful businesses since 1989. Sheri has served in numerous executive roles including president, chief financial officer, director of finance and operations, human resources and sales manager. She has extensive experience in business startup, required initial records and bookkeeping, ongoing books and record keeping, personnel issues, resolving legal matters, and overall business operations. Sheri has registered over 1500 RIA firms. She currently partners with approved RIA firms to set up and maintain required books and records, review marketing media and provide training for chief compliance officers and affiliated IARs. In addition, she prepares RIA firms for onsite audits and personally works with securities regulators for deficiency findings post-audit.

Sheri’s educational background includes a degree in business administration, industrial relations and economics. She is also a registered notary. Sheri currently serves as the president of RIA Registrar.

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