Rollover Software

A powerful, user-friendly application that helps financial services professionals present thorough rollover recommendations that are in their clients' best interests and that are easily analyzed, documented and fully disclosed.

‚ÄúSingular workflow for rollover recommendations‚ÄĚ

Quickly compare your recommendation against your client's current situation for a deeper understanding of costs, services and compatibility.

Make fee assessments easier than ever by entering a client's information into a simplified expense look-up tool.

Seamlessly move from best interest rollover recommendation to disclosure and recordkeeping.

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Real info, powerful data, all in one simple, comprehensive app

  • Clearly present relevant data so financial services professionals, compliance teams and clients can assess services, client fit and expenses
  • Automatic compliance language that highlights why the financial services professional's recommendation should be adhered to
  • Integrated plan cost information with immediate access to Form 5500
  • Easily move from best interest rollover recommendations to disclosures with one click of a button
  • Electronic document recommendations and record maintenance
  • Records are stored in strict compliance with regulations
  • Rollovers are expected to increase in the coming years, meaning there is a clear market for technology that makes that process as simple as possible for you and your clients
  • Eliminate manual processes that eat up time and that are unnecessarily challenging for compliance employees and RIAs to review
  • Quickly locate employer-sponsored plans in the Form 5500 database

A tool built specifically for compliance professionals

  • Rollover Software is a solution for state and SEC registered RIAs
  • Rollover Software is a valuable standalone solution that thoroughly meets compliance and oversight needs

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Seamlessly move from best interest rollover recommendation to disclosure and recordkeeping..

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